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Take control of your server environment, securely and save up-to 70% on your hosting cost.


Run servers to a schedule so that they automatically shut-down out of hours and restart ready for when you next need them saving thousands in out of hours running costs.

Fixed duration

When you start a server choose how long you want it to stay on for, preventing development servers running indefinitely. Before the planned shut-down time extend if you deem necessary.

User Control

Add business rules to choose which users have the ability to start and stop servers, preventing unauthorised server starts costing you money.


When your load is at it's lowest, schedule a server resize to shrink the size and cost, then automatically upsize in anticipation of upcoming peak load hours.


You are in control of the access CostGuardian has to your servers. CostGuardian can never access your data, terminate or delete a server.

Savings Dashboard

See at a glance how much money Costguardian is saving you, and how much more potential there is for additional savings.

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