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Terry Willis

We've been a huge supporter of CostGuardian since day one, and we are proud to have contributed to the product during its development. Since we started using it we have seen significant savings in our AWS costs by allowing non-technical users to control resources for best effect while at the same time maintaining the ability to meet all of our stringent auditory and security requirements. As a Charity, we have to be diligent with every penny that we spend to be sure it will provide the best value for us. CostGuardian has enabled us to achieve savings in our server hosting that we could not have otherwise delivered. As a result, we can use these savings to provide better services to people in later life who need them the most.

Head of IS, Age UK

Rob Warner

For some time I had wanted an easy way to manage my development environment as I knew it was burning money out of hours when it was used very little. Manager servers manually was an impractical headache, and so we trialled CostGuardian. We set it up on the first day of the trial and within the free first month I had saved 70% of the cost on my development servers.

Founder, PPC Guardian

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